The Dutch army is adding the Mission Master robotic vehicle to its experimentation program-Noticias

The Mission Master robotic vehicle designed by Rheinmetall is included in the Dutch army’s experimental program. The Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) department of the 13th Light Brigade is responsible for carrying out the so-called CD&E concept development and experimentation program, which will pave the way for an operational unit in a few years.

Several innovative operational concepts are being developed from the CD&E program, all of which aim to create the elements of future maneuvers that will enable the Dutch army to carry out missions more effectively. These operating concepts include the use of autonomous unmanned ground vehicles A-UGV (Autonomous-Unmanned Ground Vehicles). The Mission Master was accepted into the program this month of November.

This A-UGV platform is a modular system for improving the combat performance of the soldiers deployed in their various forms. The artificial intelligence and robotic strength that the mission master offers mean he can perform a variety of boring, dirty, or dangerous tasks that troops would otherwise have to do on their own.

Rheinmetall developed the Mission Master platform to offer maximum flexibility. However, thanks to specially designed modular constructions for quick setup, it can also be easily adapted for a variety of different missions. It can also perform a wide range of tasks including cargo transportation, victim evacuation, CBRN detection, surveillance, and counter-support. We need to remember that the Rheinmetall Mission Master has already been delivered or is in various stages of testing or deployment in different countries including Canada. (Antonio Ros Pau)

Photo: The Dutch Army includes this AGV in its concept development and experimentation program. Photography (Rheinmetall)

Rheinmetall Mission Master demonstration in action. Photography (Rheinmetall)

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