The diverse uses of the vehicle with high tactical mobility, VAMTAC (Part 1)

The Spanish company Urovesa has in its High Tactical Mobility Vehicle (VAMTAC) a product that can be adapted to all kinds of applications for military, police or emergency users. The VAMTAC is in service with the Spanish Armed Forces and has been exported halfway around the world in several configurations, some of which are now shown here.

We recently released several galleys of the VAMTAC in action (1 and 2) as well as the company’s SUV family. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

VAMTAC CT5 fire fighting

VAMTAC mortar holder

VAMTAC for law enforcement applications

VAMTAC ST5 configured as a mobile workshop (1 and 2)

VAMTAC ST5 for passenger transport

Armored four-seater VAMTAC ST5 with deep water function

VAMTAC ST5 four-seater for a United Nations mission (1 and 2)

VAMTAC ST5 ambulance (1 and 2)

VAMTAC ST5 armored VERT (land survey and reconnaissance vehicle)

VAMTAC ST5 armored four-seater

Shielded VAMTAC ST5 for explosives disposal units (EOD) (1 and 2)

VAMTAC ST5 armored for personal transport with 8 seats (1 and 2)

VAMTAC ST5 with platform for Mistral missiles (1 and 2)

VAMTAC ST5 Van with stabilizer bushes (1 and 2)

(Photos: Urovesa)

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