The Deputy Minister for the fight against smuggling of Bolivia, Colonel Daen Gonzalo Renán Rodríguez Fernández, dies on Covid-19-Noticias

Lic.Marcela V. Carol, March 15, 2021

The Bolivian Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo Aguilar has expressed his heartfelt condolences to Covid-19 on the death of the Deputy Minister for Combating Smuggling, Colonel Daen Gonzalo Renn Rodrguez Fernndez. Novillo has highlighted Colonel Rodríguez’s patriotic commitment, a task reflected in the positive results of the operations of the armed forces and Operational Strategic Command personnel in the seizure of vehicles and contraband on the borders of Bolivia with Chile, Peru and Argentina.

It is worth remembering that his first appearance at the Vice Ministry was from May 2018 to November 2019. He assumed the position of Vice Minister for the Fight against Smuggling after being inaugurated by the Minister of Defense on November 17, 2020, a job he has assumed for the second time. On both occasions, the agency has demonstrated its commitment to the legally elected government and the change process, the national body stressed. (License Marcela V. Carol)

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