The demanding training of bodyguards in the Air Force-Noticias

The Security Group (GRUSEG) of the Headquarters Group organized the IV Update Conference between April 20th and 22nd as a reference unit for the protection of the Air Force authorities.

These conferences are viewed as a forum to provide the components of the units providing protection services to authorities with an update of their own knowledge and operational techniques in order to standardize the procedures for action, planning and implementation of escort missions and protection of authorities .

In addition to the GRUSEG staff (JEMA support and support department), components of the support teams of the Torrejn base area group, the Zaragoza base area group, the Getafe air station, the Areo de Tablada barracks and the MACAN Headquarters Group also attended the school on this occasion of Defense and Support Security Techniques as well as the Royal Guard as a guest unit.

In this edition, the sessions consisted of four phases of activities. They included a number of specific conferences on protection of the authorities, self-defense practices of the police, and shooting and tactical application exercises. In addition, two exercises were carried out, one of which simulated an authority visit that took place in Area Surveillance Squadron No. 2, and one multidisciplinary to protect the authorities on foot and in public transport. This included practical static and dynamic surveillance and counter-surveillance in urban environments.

At the end of these activities, the participants identified and analyzed the main aspects covered in them, received very useful lessons for their application and improved the various existing procedures of action until, after submitting the relevant information, they passed diplomas at the end of the conference. Supporting documents.

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