The demand for private flights with jets increased in Brazil

Due to the need for social isolation, many families and businesses choose to charter a private jet when they go on a trip.

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Only then will they know that embarkation and disembarkation take place without the risk of agglomerations and that the entire journey can be carried out safely. “People are finding that chartering an aircraft costs less than they think and can be a lot more beneficial,” said Daniel Diniz, Adam CEO.

The aircraft charter application Fly Adam, launched in March, registers an average of 10,000 new requests for quotations per month and operates several flights a week involving passengers, cargo, domestic and international flights.

“The drastic reduction in the air network has also had an impact. If before, commercial aviation served more than 100 cities across the country, with flights reduced, coverage decreased and some destinations isolated or few flights, ”explains Diniz. Industry experts say it is unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels before 2021.

The values ​​for chartering aircraft vary between R $ 11,000, depending on the model and route. There are options that range from a motor to nozzles. In addition, there are options for last minute flights with much cheaper prices that are up to 50% lower.

Fly Adam connects air taxi companies directly with customers and is the first specialized marketplace for air mobility in Brazil. The initiative is supported by the Brazilian General Aviation Association (ABAG), the National Transport Confederation (CNT) and the National Union of Air Taxi Companies (SNETA).

The platform can be accessed on the Internet ( and is available in Android and IOS versions. It’s simple and easy to use. Just enter the origin, destination, desired date and number of passengers and do the search. The result brings all the possibilities of airplanes with their respective costs. The app allows the user to check the best flight options with comfort, agility and safety without having to go to multiple websites, fill out forms and wait for a return with offers. There are currently around 120 airlines in Brazil certified to provide air taxi services that can benefit from the platform’s technology and visibility. It’s worth noting that Adam’s digital platform only accepts registration of aircraft that have been approved by ANAC with the Voe Seguro seal. That is, aircraft that are qualified for air taxi service. More information at

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