The deliverer can now supply passengers on aircraft with food

The Dutch airline Transavia is the first in the world to introduce what is known as “in-flight delivery”, which allows passengers to order a meal of their choice for delivery on board. The bet is that fashion will prevail.

The next step for supply requests has arrived in the Netherlands, the airline announced in a press release. From now on, passengers can order their favorite meal up to an hour before the flight on the website or in the app – from sushi to rendang and salads to breakfast. The food is delivered directly on board.

Currently, Transavia and, with the help of Schiphol Airport and iFleat, the start-up in charge of meal preparation and whose main banner is the promise to make an airplane seat, run a pilot of this new product and become a custom Restaurant table.

Flight HV5355 from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to Faro in Portugal was the first to offer in-flight delivery and initiated this special partnership. The unparalleled service is currently available on four flights from Amsterdam to destinations in Greece, Portugal and Italy. The program is expected to be extended to other flights and airports where Transavia has bases, such as Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven airports.

Dishes for all tastes

Passengers on selected flights will receive an email about the new service and can then choose from ten different meals in the Transavia Restaurant. IFleat, responsible for logistics, prepares the dish and delivers it on board. Meals are freshly prepared and delivered directly on board When food arrives, cabin crew serve meals to passengers.

This service offers passengers a wider choice of meals on board. In addition, the partners hope that this collaboration will minimize food waste. When delivering on board, payment is made in advance and Transavia knows which passengers have pre-ordered a meal. This reduces the number of meals prepared and brought on board but not consumed.

Safe and responsible

Marcel de Nooijer, CEO of Transavia, said: “It is important to keep innovating and improving the service to our customers, especially in unprecedented times. We’re starting modestly and offering this catering service on four flights. However, we are convinced of this great concept and hope to expand it further when the possibilities allow. “

Companies say this on-demand service allows passengers to personally choose what to eat. Whether at home or on the way to Schiphol, passengers can order a plate of sushi, a vegan bulgur salad or a rendang rice table, which is served on board. All of this with minimal contact and strict hygiene rules at all ends.

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