The cybersecurity company, jointly owned by Embraer, will develop the Brazilian defense network-Noticias

Kryptus Segurana da Informao SA, a company specializing in cryptography and cybersecurity, won the first tender process responsible for the new Brazilian Defense Network (ROD). The company, which recently renewed its Strategic Defense Company (EED) certification, will provide cryptographic security technologies and will also be responsible for realigning ICT resources, as well as physical and logical expansion of ROD, as well as surveillance and engineering support. .operative network.

The network, the backbone of the Military Command and Control System (SISMC2), aims to provide voice, data and decision support services at various levels in an integrated, timely, simple, secure, flexible, reliable and continuous manner. Manufacturing. the military defense structure. It is a restructuring and modernization of the current infrastructure, carried out under the direction of the Joint Operations (CHOC) of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces (EMCFA).

The process of acquiring these services was the first carried out by the Department of Defense using the TLE Special Bidding Procedure instrument provided for in Law 12.598 / 2012. The TLE stipulates that the provision of solutions to protect classified information in any confidentiality required is exclusively carried out by Strategic Defense Companies (EED) and developed on site. Foreign technologies are limited. Most of the delivery is expected to take place in 2021.

Kryptus already participates in several strategic programs of the armed forces and other government agencies, including: SISFRON (Integrated Border Surveillance System), Link-BR2 data connection system, RDS-Defense (Software Defined Radio) IFF Mode 4 National, etc. Embraer is one of the minority shareholders .

This opportunity is about having computer tools that can receive, process and consolidate a large amount of information from various sources and formats and, in due course, make it available at various levels of a chain of command to provide advice appropriately from the Defense Minister to the President of the Republic, ie as an interface between the levels of political, strategic, operational and tactical decision-making.

The SisMC (Military Command and Control System) covers the C systems of the armed forces, the various task forces when they are activated, as well as others under the responsibility or coordination of the central general staff of the armed forces and covers all levels of command, from the strategic Level to tactical level. It is the responsibility of the Department of Defense to coordinate and standardize the relevant measures

Interoperability between these systems, in addition to the ability to support common or individual operational commands.

The Defense Operational Network (ROD) is the infrastructure through which this joint General Staff gives the Commander in Chief the ability to exercise command and control over the means to be used using digital and analog operational data communications links. Military, terrestrial, or coming from space means, especially those emanating from Defense and Strategic Communications (SGDC) satellites. and other Brazilian, civil or military satellites.

At the same time, the military cyber defense system will have the following tasks in this context:

a) Ensuring cyber protection of the military command and control system / SisMC, in particular and in particular the ROD, in coordination with the command and control sub-head of the EMCFA

b) Coordination of cyber protection of the networks connected to the ROD;

c) Promote the development of the necessary cyber protection capacities

the SisMC; Y.

d) carry out cybernetic measures in favor of the SisMC.

(Javier Bonilla)

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