The Cuauhtémoc training ship of the Mexican Navy sails after a year in Port-Noticias

After staying in port for a year due to the pandemic, the Cuauhtmoc training ship (BE-01) of the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) returned to sea to abide by the Mexican Navy’s bicentennial instruction cruise, which was conducted in Mexican waters Pacific and not in foreign ports due to the pandemic.

Forced even by the effects of the coronavirus, the BE-01 has started its teaching cruise in national waters with a novelty: it carries in its seafarers students from schools of the merchant navy, 20 civilians chosen to join the ship with the 58 cadets of to join the final year of the Heroic Escuela Naval Militar Antn Lizardo (HENM).

The inclusion of these crew members is not just a novelty in terms of the number and composition of the BE-01 crews as the Cuauhtmoc normally sails with around 230 elements each year, including cadets from other countries and military personnel around the world.

In recent months, SEMAR has had serious disagreements with the municipality of Capitanes de Altura and the commanders of the merchant navy over the decision of President Andrs Manuel López Obrador to transfer control of this body to the Mexican Navy. Funding and continuity of the country’s nautical schools.

The President has given assurances that he will not leave the merchant navy in the air. In January of this year, the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) announced that the Maritime and Port University will be established for 2022 and is also investing in the modernization of the country’s three nautical schools in Mazatln. Tampico and Veracruz. The Centro de Educacin Nutica de Campeche in Ciudad del Carmen on the Gulf of Mexico will also participate.

In this context, for the first time in history, the 20 students from the marine schools will be invited to join a SEMAR marine crew in order to receive solid instruction in seafaring, the secretariat stressed.

The ship sailed from the port of Acapulco on Monday April 5 to mark the Mexican Navy’s bicentenary instructional cruise with 58 students from the Heroic Escuela Naval Militar Antn Lizardo (HENM) and the 20 nautical schools, all under the command of Captain de Navo Carlos Gorraez Meraz.

BE-01 Cuauhtmoc returns to sea after canceling its 2020 teaching cruise, the Ibero-Caribe, forced by the health crisis. Sail to 11 national ports on its annual training voyage for cadets of the Heroic Escuela Naval Militar Antn Lizardo in their fourth and final year of their careers.

The last departure of the BE-01 Cuauhtmoc was in 2019, when the ship took the Northern Europe 2019 teaching cruise, departed from the port of Veracruz and touched 14 ports on the old continent to return to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, eventually landing at its base Naval de Icacos in the eighth marine region of Acapulco.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, the BE-01 Cuauhtmoc canceled its Senate-approved Ibero-Caribbean cruise, during which 230 HENM cadets sailed from March 27 to November 30, touching 17 ports abroad and three in Mexican waters.

Now the ship is returning to sea under the command of Captain Carlos Gorraez Meraz after having undergone intensive maintenance that included changing the engine, adjusting the navigation system and strengthening the hull and keel. The BE-01 will depart from Acapulco, but its route will be limited to 11 ports on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

During the instruction cruise “Bicentenary of the Mexican Navy”, which was named in honor of the 200th anniversary on October 4th, the Cuauhtmoc sailboat is to be used in ports in the states of Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chiapas, Colima, Guerrero and Jalisco visit. Oaxaca, Sinaloa and Sonora in a total of 195 days (141 sailing and 54 in port). The Navy indicated that under the motto For the Elevation of the Maritime Spirit of the Cuauhtmoc Sailboat, with the oath of their aptitude, future officers of the Mexican Navy will be inculcated to make their final efforts to make it worthy. and noble cradle in which the minds and souls of those who put themselves in their bosom are further strengthened and pursued the goal of learning to better serve their country.

The celebration of this bicentennial dates back to the beginnings of independent Mexico on October 4, 1821, when General Agustn de Iturbide, given the need for the young Mexican state to have a navy to maintain national sovereignty, ordered the creation of the country’s Ministry of War and Navy under the direction of Lieutenant Navo Antonio de Medina Miranda, starting point of the history of the Mexican Navy. (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

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