The corvette ARA Spiro of the Argentine Navy trains in the waters of the South Atlantic

The corvette ARA Spiro of the MEKO 140 class, commanded by frigate captain Christian Corona, reached the naval base Puerto Belgrano after training in the waters of the South Atlantic, where it also carried out a control operation of the country’s maritime areas through jurisdiction within the boundaries of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ ) the Argentine Sea. It conducted reconnaissance operations on the coasts of the Beagle Channel and Isla de los Estados, navigating confined waters of which provided an opportunity to brief the officers on maritime security, operations and the bridge team.

Coastal navigation made it possible to increase the capacity of the entire staff of the navigating bridge team. This is the right time for them to develop skills and gain experience in areas unusual for ships in this division, said the corvette’s commander, Frigate Captain Christian Corona.

In favorable climatic and maritime conditions, the unit sailed through the waters of the Mackinlay Pass towards the Strait of Le Maire, where it identified possible bays for anchorages, including the bay of San Antonio, where the unit anchored for a few minutes. Back to shipping, he made an entrance to the outer Parry sector on Isla de los Estados, near which is the Maritime Control and Surveillance Post (PVyCTM) of the Argentine Navy, Commander Luis Piedrabuena, recognizing the specifics of the entry this position.

Then the Spiro approached the Observatory Island to continue towards the south wall and circling the Island of the States, identifying various geographic features of interest. After this training, they will return to the Beagle Channel in Aguirre Bay to anchor in Puerto Espaol.

Even during the days of navigation, the crew completed their training in naval techniques and tactics of the task forces, whereby the various emergency roles of the unit were covered. In this context, combat exercises and cannon shooting, fire fighting, error control, take-off and recovery of aircraft, abandonment and survival at sea as well as individual training for visiting, registration and capture (VRC) were carried out.); Activities foreseen in the ship’s annual training plan.

Upon her defeat against the waters of the South Atlantic, the corvette ARA Spiro conducted a south-north pass through the patrol areas assigned by the Atlantic Sea Area Command (ANAT) in order to exercise sovereign presence and conduct surveillance and control of traffic. Maritime transport.

The staff carried out effective surveillance of a fishing fleet, both visually and by radar and with the automatic identification system (AIS), and registered the presence of foreign-flagged vessels outside the EEZ boundaries.

In this regard, Captain Corona stated that no unauthorized contact or illegal activity within the EEZ was detected during the patrol, but records of fishing vessels were obtained outside the area approximately 210 miles from our shores, adding: At the height of Puerto Madryn As the fishing vessels approached the EEZ, a deterrent was put in place to allow them to reach the operational area at night and see if any offenders were discovered.

Finally, the commander of the Spiro said: The ship and the personnel were getting ready to carry out this navigation and to carry out the main task of the patrol. The entire crew went to great lengths, and this navigation also made it possible to improve training in general so that the entire crew could increase their capacity and learning. The corvette ARA Spiro spent fifty days outside of its natural range and contributed around 4,300 nautical miles to its arrival in Puerto Belgrano. (Luis Pieiro)

Photography: The corvette ARA Spiro on the Isla de los Estados.

Opening of the fire with the 40MM Breda Tower

In navigation through the South Seas

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