The control tower at Brasilia Airport receives a blue light to remind of prostate cancer prevention

Photo: Brasilia Airport

The November Blue campaign will land at Brasília Airport over the next 30 days. The control tower, the tallest building in the flight terminal, is illuminated in blue to remind the men of the importance of preventing prostate cancer.

Brasília Airport joins other monuments in the city and the world in raising awareness of the disease that affects men most around the world.

Prostate cancer, although more common after age 65, occurs in around 15% of the male population. In most cases, cancer is asymptomatic, so it’s important to have frequent tests.

For Rogério Coimbra, Director of Corporate Affairs at Inframerica, Administrator of the Brasiliense Terminal, participating in the campaign is a social responsibility task for the flight terminal. “Thousands of passengers pass through Brasília Airport every day. Use our airport structure to make them aware of the care they need for their health. If we manage to alert a single passenger, we are already satisfied, ”he says.

The first time Brasília Airport lit the control tower was in this year’s Pink campaign in October.

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