The Commander in Chief of the Chilean Air Force takes stock of the institution’s commitments on its anniversary day – Noticias

The Chilean Air Force (FACh) celebrated 91 years of its founding on March 21st. In this context, the Commander in Chief of the Institution, General Del Aire Arturo Merino Nez, addressed and appreciated the contribution of the Air Force in Chile.

Now as we commemorate the 91st anniversary of the creation of the Chilean Air Force, we can confirm that the country is now a modern country because of the work of our predecessors and the generations of military aviators who were involved in it. Multipurpose institution. Able to use its means of defense for such important purposes as community support, civil protection, natural disaster emergencies, forest fires and, as is currently the case, assisting all residents of our country in the pandemic affected us Actions that clearly show an unconditional commitment to Chile, he said.

The defense of the national airspace is our most important and inevitable task. We accomplish this task through modern and sophisticated systems manned by women and men, all military aviators, with great professionalism, which demonstrate their contribution to the defense and advancement of the country through the accomplishment of several tasks, he added.

He also referred to the role of the FaCh in the context of the State of Constitutional Exemptions 2020-2021 from Covid-19, where the institution has conducted various air and ground missions in support of the civil authority to help control the contagion of the levels in the face of the current health emergency .

The current health emergency caused by SARS-CoV-2 has required the maximum effort of every member of the Air Force, an action they have carried out with vocation, enthusiasm and a civil service spirit. In this sense, the institution has only done more than 2,000 flight hours to support the community in around 500 flight operations in various air environments, with which the seventh airlift in institutional history was built with more than 111 thousand kilos of cargo transported, 11 thousand people transferred and evacuated 250 critical patients. These eloquent figures are tangible evidence of our unconditional commitment to our compatriots. In this way, we can say with legitimate pride that the Chilean Air Force, with its human and material resources, has helped save hundreds of lives regardless of the time, day or geographic location it has to go. Our always generous and protective wings are erected in the shortest possible time where they are most urgently needed. This shows our commitment to protecting, connecting, supporting and integrating the entire national territory day and night.

He also referred to the project of the National Satellite System, on which the FaCh is working together with the Ministry of Defense and other state secretaries: the construction of future satellites in our country and the establishment of a national space center that is open and accessible to the entire population. Citizens will bring multiple instances of integration of science, science and defense with them and use these skills to create opportunities and benefits for all Chileans, he said.

Finally, he said that on this new anniversary of the Chilean Air Force, we are reaffirming our commitment to the country where every military aviator works every day in accordance with strict ethical standards, with complete transparency, honesty and with their own values. Identity that, in addition to the professionalism and great spirit of the civil service, contributes to the fact that the country today has a modern, multi-faceted air force that is wholeheartedly dedicated to Chile.

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