The Colombian Navy will establish new facilities in the No. 32 Marine Battalion in the strategic Guaviare River-Noticias

With a maximum investment of 9,350,000,000 police officers, approximately 2.6 million dollars, the Colombian National Navy has decided to put out to tender the construction of the first phase of the new facilities of the river battalion of Marine Infantry No. 32 in the village of El Barrancón of the municipality of San José de Guaviare in the department of Guaviare.

Although not on the coast and in central Colombia, the Colombian Navy has a very strong presence through the Marine Corps in this area, which has been hit by drug trafficking, illegal crops, coca-based laboratories, drug trafficking, weapons and a heavy narco presence -Terrorists of the GAO Organized Armed Group, remainder E-1 ?? Armando Ríos ??, commanded by Néstor Gregorio Vera Fernández alias ?? Iván Mordisco ?? . Then there are narcoterrorists from the GAO, remainder E-7 and from the GAO, remainder E-40, called structure? Jorge Briceño Suarez? under the command of Miguel Santanilla Botache alias ?? Gentil Duarte ?? , a group bombed by the Colombian Air Force, killing 10 members of that organization and confiscating war materials such as rifles, pistols, vendors and ammunition, as well as computers containing valuable information about the movements of this criminal structure.

This first phase is part of an investment of 20 billion police officers that Rear Admiral José Joaquín Amézquita, Chief of Planning of the National Navy, announced in December 2019 during his visit to this unit, including the announced facilities and work to mitigate the erosion caused on right bank of the Guaviare river where the base is located.

The importance of the 32 fluvial infantry battalion to the Colombian armed forces lies in its strategic location on the banks of the Guaviare River, a tributary that originates from the eastern mountain range and flows into the Orinoco River, which marks the border with Venezuela in this area , with a length of 1,497 km, of which 630 are navigable, it is a river highway that enables the action of various armed forces in the region. The Colombian Armed Forces have tried to control this vast, difficult-to-access jungle area has populations of those that can only be reached by river. (Carlos Vanegas – Edefa Group correspondent in Colombia)

Photo: Colombian Navy river units belonging to the No. 32 Marines River Battalion highlighting a PAF-L light river patrol boat.

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