The Colombian Navy visit to the Peruvian Navy has been successfully completed – Noticias

The Colombian Navy, led by Vice Admiral Camilo Gmez Becerra, Chief of Naval Planning, made a strategic visit to the Peruvian Navy. From the hands of the General Director of Material of the Peruvian Navy, Vice Admiral Rodolfo Sablich Luna Victoria, the Colombian delegation learned about the structure and development of the project for the expansion, modernization and transfer of the Callao Naval Base. ARC’s attention for a similar process for relocation of the current naval base ARC Bolvar in Cartagena de Indias in a central hotel and tourism sector.

During the three-day visit by the Colombian delegation, in addition to a tour of the facilities of the Peruvian shipyard SIMA Peru, a number of conferences were held to announce progress on projects of mutual interest between the two navies. Since the Colombian Navy can assess the construction process of the ship BAP Paita and the BAP Pisco, multi-purpose ships of the LPD type, there is interest on the part of the acquisition of two units of this type to replace the already withdrawn and sunk ARC Buenaventura and ARC Cartagena de Indias , a project under the Shipbuilding and Optimization Plan (PROCYOM) set in a schedule with an end date for 2042 to renew the capabilities of the ARC with the acquisition of 5 frigates, 4 submarines, 2 multi-purpose vessels, 4 offshore -Patrol boats and 2 sea patrol planes. (Carlos Vanegas Correspondent Grupo Edefa de Colombia)

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