The Colombian Navy is training alongside an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer of the US Navy – Noticias

The missile frigate FS-1500 ARC ?? Antioquia ?? of the Colombian Navy on February 15 a ?? Passing Exercise ?? (PASSEX) with the destroyer USS James E. Williams ?? DDG 95 ?? of the Arleigh Burke class of the USS Navy. The PASSEX is conducted in a coordinated manner, when ships from different countries located in the same area maneuver together to improve interoperability between naval units. In doing so, protocols are applied to this approach that ensure that the Navy can communicate and work together in the event of a real conflict or in humanitarian aid scenarios.

“The exercise was a great opportunity to strengthen the partnership between our two countries,” said Commander Christopher Norris, commander of the USS James E. Williams. “By practicing war tactics and good navigation, our teams can develop important maritime skills.”

The ARC highlighted the high level of training that keeps the units of the Caribbean naval forces, which are located at the ARC Bolívar Naval Base in the city of Cartagena de Indias and which include the four FS frigates, underwater. -1500 of the Almirante Padilla class, acquired in Germany in the early 1980s (Carlos Vanegas, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Colombia)

Photos: The frigate ARC ?? Antioquia ?? of the Colombian Navy in a “passing exercise” with the destroyer USS James E. Williams.

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