The Colombian INDUMIL wins the purchase of two million cartridges with 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition for the armed forces of Colombia-Noticias

In order to meet the needs of the Colombian Armed Forces and to comply with the contract signed with the Ministry of Defense, the INDUMIL military industry has advanced the acquisition of 2,000,000 cartridges of 5.56 x 45mm ammunition, with INDUMIL acquiring this type of ammunition for the first time the overseas market, as there are no stocks of these ammunition to meet the needs of the armed forces for 2021. If it is not acquired in this way, it will default on the contract.

INDUMIL has set next May 4th as the date to sign the contract, after evaluating the proposals submitted by the interested bidders, and set a deadline of 240 days for the delivery of the ammunition after the contract which stipulates that the ammunition is signed must be packed in an olive green metal box with a lid that allows the closure and the hermetic seal that makes the contents waterproof, easy to open and close, with a handle on the upper part for transporting the same allow correct storage with a maximum content of 4 tapes with 200 cartridges per metal box and production date must be 2021.

The ballistic performance tests (weapon performance, speed, standard deviation, chamber pressure, exposure time, precision, extreme temperatures, impermeability, residual stresses and curl) are carried out in the INDUMIL ballistic laboratory at the José María Córdova factory located in the municipality of Soacha Cundinamarca. The tests described above, the costs associated with the development of the tests, will be borne in full by the contractor. The 5.56mm ammunition cartridges destroyed in the reception tests must be replaced by the contractor at no additional cost to the military industry, which must be delivered with the entire batch of ammunition. (Carlos Vanegas, correspondent for the Edefa group in Colombia)

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