The Colombian FARC EP captured eight Venezuelan commandos and killed eight soldiers after a failed combat mission

According to a statement received by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and released on Monday 10 May, the General Staff of the Dcimo Martin Villa Front of Dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC) EP), The Colombian guerrilla organization reports that it has taken prisoners of war to eight members of the Venezuelan special forces, more precisely to members of the 99th Brigade of the General Special Forces in Chief Flix Antonio Velsquez (which includes the commander of the 992nd Battalion of Chiefs of Staff Jos Gregorio Monagas) and the 8th Brigade of the Commandos of the Sea Generalsimo Francisco de Miranda.

According to Venezuelan and international media, these special forces soldiers were captured after a failed counterinsurgency operation that took place in southern Apure state on April 23, after unmanned aerial vehicles discovered Orlan-10 days earlier in an area of ​​dense tropical vegetation, a camp of Colombian guerrillas, and so the forces of the 94 Special Brigade “Negro Primero” coordinated an air strike early this Friday morning in which 38 elements of the FANB took part in a Bell 412EP helicopter of the Areo Department N 35 of the Bolivarian National Guard and one AS532UL Puma of the Areo Special Operations Group N 10 Cobras transported to the area, supported by a Mi-35M2 of the 716 attack helicopter battalion Colonel Mauricio Encinoso, who carried out the attack on the guerrilla camp and left as Re It led to its destruction and the collection of material of interest for analysis by means of h the secret services.

Upon completion of the operation, the participating commandos withdrew to the extraction area to be picked up by the same aircraft that had landed them hours earlier, but by the Mi-35M2 that was involved in the Tomorrow I attack did not take part in the recovery mission and instead a second AS532UL Cougar took its place, already in the helicopter area. During the landing maneuvers, they were attacked by an unknown number of guerrillas who, according to reports in the press, opened rifle and machine gun fire on the helicopters from various directions during the approach maneuver, the helicopters breaking off the rescue of personnel on the land that was responding to fire from its attackers If, without the possibility of air extraction, units of the 6th Marine Brigade, Admiral Manuel Ezequiel Bruzual, tried twice to break the guerrilla siege without result, the commandos decided to take different directions in order to break through the guerrilla encirclement and trying to reach an area where they could be recovered by land or air units.

However, eight soldiers were killed in this action (Navy: Navy Lieutenant Naywill Jos Torres Moreno, S1 Lvaro Rafael Mario Ostos, S2 Michael Miguel Medina Sequera and S1 Luis David Lira Black; Army: SM2 Wilmer De Jess Ferrobs Garabito, SM1 Ronal Jos Marcano Castillo, SM2 Andy Jos Miranda and SM1 Santiago De Jess Reyes Farfn), while twenty commandos manage to reach various military facilities operating in the operating room in Apure.

The following is a list of the military personnel in the hands of the Colombian subversive group: Lieutenant Colonel Jhan Carlo Bemon (Commander of the General Battalion of Special Forces 992, Jos Gregorio Monagas), Lieutenant of the frigate lvaro Junior Flrez Berroteran, 1st Lieutenant Jhony Jaguay, SM3 Jos Antonio Ramos Dvila, SM3 Paul Hernndez, S2 Estiben Jos Aular, S1 Luis Jos Cova Barrios, S1 Jos Emilio Torres Prez.

Finally, the letter from the Colombian guerrilla group appeals to the “good offices” of the Red Cross “to lay down the protocols and mechanisms necessary to hand them over to the commission that you will designate in coordination with the United Nations (Organization of American States) (OAS ), the Bolivarian government and our authorities “. (Douglas Bravo Colmenares, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Venezuela)

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