The Colombian CIAC begins flight tests of its remote-controlled aircraft “Coelum” – Noticias

Colombian Aeronautical Industry Corporation (CIAC) has launched the nationally designed and manufactured Coelum Remote Maned Aircraft (ART) flight campaign for the Colombian Armed Forces. The first flight was made on February 12th.

This remotely operated system with a length of only 1.3 meters and a wingspan of 1.95 meters was developed for the implementation of secret service, surveillance and aerial reconnaissance missions with an autonomy of 60 minutes and a cruising speed of 20 m / s. Launch can be done by hand or by catapult, while restoration of this ART can be done using GPS RTK. It is made of carbon fiber and has good resistance to possible malfunctions. It has an electric motor. The main observation system is an EO / IR 40X zoom camera. It has an automatic and semi-automatic operating mode and a maximum range of 15 km

The Colombian Armed Forces have a variety of remote-controlled flight systems, including the large Israel-made Hermes 900 and the medium Hermes 450. The CIAC has also developed a medium-sized system called Quimbaya. (Carlos Vanegas, correspondent for the Edefa group in Colombia)

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