The Colombian Army starts purchasing 120mm grenades for their HY1-12 mortars

The Colombian Army has decided to start purchasing pre-scored 120mm grenades for the HY1-12 mortars made in Turkey. It currently has 70 of these weapon systems in inventory, acquired in March 2009 and used primarily in fire support in military irregular warfare operations against criminal armed groups.

It has been determined that there are 16,800 shells in stock, with only 1,831 units currently in stock. This shows that the buying process must be started urgently, with which the 8 units with which the HY1-12 is operated must be started. This contract has a minimum purchase of 467 large units for a total value of $ 1,201,124 after a market study that found the highest and lowest values ​​to be the geometric mean of $ 2,826 per unit determine. On December 12th, 637 shells were received from Improvement LLC.

Since the Colombian INDUMIL does not manufacture this type of ammunition, the submission of foreign bids is planned for March 17th. This means that the tendering process will begin on March 31, using the shortened electronic selection method for reverse auctions among qualified bidders. The grenades date will be October 28 of this year. The military canton of Buenavista-Guajira will be the proving ground and Infantera Battalion No. 5 Crdova in Santa Marta, the military unit to which they must be delivered.

This type of grenade must comply with the technical specifications established as follows:

Full round length: minimum 827 mm, maximum 897 mm

Complete round weight: minimum 18.00 kg, maximum 18.9 kg

Maximum diameter on the rotating belt: 123 mm +0.01

Projectile body: forged steel

Projectile color: olive green body, yellow marking

Fuses: M557 or MV7250

Filler: TNT

Filling weight: 4.24 kg

Muzzle flash velocity: 365 m / s

Maximum range: at least 8,180 meters

Shelf life: 10 years

Carlos Vanegas Edefa Group correspondent in Colombia

Photo: Mortar HY1-12 of the Colombian Army

120 mm pre-stripped grenade.

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