The Colombian Army is updating their 155mm Howitzer Noticias

The Colombian National Army has ordered the opening of an abbreviated selection process for a lesser amount, the purpose of which is the main maintenance of the 155mm howitzer, which includes supplies, spare parts and specialized services. This contract is carried out in 7 of the 13 artillery pieces of this caliber with which the EJC has.

The official budget set for this contract is $ 22,130,766,296.89 by Cops, broken down by validity: Budget validity 2020 for a value of $ 14,308,466,296.89 by Cops, budget future validity 2021 $ 7,822,300,000.00 Police officers. As soon as the contract, which sets October 29, 2021 as the deadline for the delivery of the last 04 units in the military canton of Buenavista La Guajira, has been set, the following tests must be carried out:

The movement in autonomous mode at a minimum distance of 5 kilometers, using the three gears, as well as forward, backward and anti-skating modes.

Shift in tow mode at a minimum distance of 30 kilometers, where the tow pump and pneumatic system are checked.

Checking the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, navigation and destinations

20 Ballistic calculations according to the system at different distances in the ammunition areas used by the Colombian army (M1A6 ER / BB HE projectile and M1A6 ER / BT HE-DENEL projectile) compared to shot data that the current computer provides in other parts 155mm.

Target practice at different distances (04 km, 10 km, 20 km, 30 km and 40 km) with the following zones: Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6 for M1A6 ER / BT HE projectiles and M1A6 ER / BB HE projectiles with 06 projectiles per system with the ammunition used by the Colombian army, compared to the firing data provided by the current computer in other 155 mm parts and predictive firing methods.

The National Army currently has a total of 13 howitzers with a caliber of 155 mm x 52 APU SBT V07-10. These pieces are from 2006 when the visit to this factory was arranged through an offer from General Dynamics Santa Barbara. The acquisition was signed in February 2007, and the howitzer and ammunition reception tests were conducted in September to be assigned to the No. 10 Artillery Battalion in Santa Barbara, Artillery Battalion No. 10, from 2008. 5 Jos Antonio Galn, General Carlos Julio Gil Colorado Artillery School and Artillery Battalion No. 02 La Popa, following this assignment there will be a nationwide deployment to provide strategic support to each of the army divisions involved in the conflict. internally, which is why these systems have suffered normal wear and tear from their use.

Major maintenance on 03 systems began in 2019, with good results in the most recent delivery tests in October this year, satisfying the requirements set by the EJC until the major maintenance on 10 parts was completed. of which in this contract they are kept for more than 07 to 03 howitzers through 2022.

Currently, the 155/52 CAL APU SBT Obs systems are required as part of the External War Plan under the 1948 Plan of 2017, requiring participation in the various operational areas of strategic defense to counter the threats that threaten the sovereign for the Security of the South American nation, this plan requires the availability of all medium artillery systems, taking into account that the characteristics of the Obs are a larger caliber (155 mm), a range of 42 km, and a large cover capacity when striking a target. knows an autonomous mobility of 20 km / h and towed from 80 km / h for position changes. (Correspondent of the Carlos Vanegas Edefa group in Colombia)

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