The Colombian Air Force publishes the contract for the first acquisition of three Texan ll T-6C-Noticias

At the end of September, the Colombian Air Force’s FAC officially published the request for an offer to the North American Textron Aviation, manufacturer of the Texan ll T-6C basic training aircraft. The provider sent the corresponding answer on September 9th. October and definition of the 18th of the same month the process of direct procurement without a large number of bidders N 192-00-A-COFAC-CAF-2020, the purpose of which is to conclude contracts on behalf of the Colombian National Air Force of the Ministry of Defense, the acquisition of Texan ll T-6C aircraft with basic instructions for the training of pilots of the Colombian Air Force written on April 30, 2022 as the contract termination date and the CATAM Military Transport Air Command in Bogota as the place of delivery.

The contract provides for the acquisition of three aircraft for a total value of $ 28,734,217.98, which will be paid as follows:

Prepayment: USD 8,833,430.68 USD, USD 8,465,640 USD for the 2020 term in the sixth two months of 2020 and USD 367,790.68 USD for the 2021 term in the first quarter of 2021.

Partial payment: USD 10,690,505.32, equivalent to the term of 2021, which will be canceled within 30 days of delivery and receipt to the satisfaction of the first 2 aircraft.

Remaining balance: $ 9,210,281.98 expires in 2022, paid within 30 days of delivery and receipt to the satisfaction of the third aircraft.

As an added value, the contractor’s commercial offer included two administrative visits to the production facilities in Wichita, Kansas, USA, each of which lasted no longer than four working days. Each visit is carried out with the participation of two FAC officials on dates to be agreed between the parties. In addition, an offset industrial or social cooperation agreement was established for 100% of the value of the agreement. (Carlos Vanegas, correspondent for the Edefa group in Colombia)

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