The Coast Artillery Defense Unit is stationed on the coast of Cartagena-Noticias

The Coastal Artillery Defense Unit (UDACTA) I / 20 contributed to the surveillance of the maritime area in the coastal zone of Cartagena between November 9th and 15th. The unit, which is coordinated by the COVAM (Maritime Action Operations and Surveillance Center), contributes to increasing the national RMP (Recognized Maritime Picture).

The UDACTA, which was created by the 4th Coastal Artillery Regiment of the Spanish Army, is integrated into the permanent operations of the armed forces under the operational control of the Operations Command as part of the Maritime Operational Command (MOM).

Thus, this unit will control the area of ​​the coast of Cartagena with material means of the coastal artillery, thus joining the patrol boats Formentor (P-82) and Toralla (P-81) of the Spanish Navy to improve the knowledge of the maritime environment in this area .

A protection department of the paratrooper flag III Ortiz de Zrate also takes part in this mission, which fulfills a fundamental task of ensuring the safety of personnel and material in the settlements. A satellite team from RT 21 is also participating, making the necessary connections to ensure all of UDACTA’s operational capabilities.


COVAM in Cartagena is the Maritime Action Force (FAM) tool to collate and analyze the information it receives from a variety of sources, including the UDACTA. In this way it gets an accurate picture of everything that is happening in maritime areas of national interest. This is the so-called knowledge of the maritime environment (CEM) that achieves the so-called recognized maritime image (RMP).


The MOM is the organization of the operational structure of the armed forces, which reports to the Chief of Staff of Defense (JEMAD) and is responsible for the planning, implementation and supervision of the surveillance and security operations of the maritime areas with sovereignty, responsibility and responsibility. national interests. It is under the command of Accin Martima (ALMART) based in Cartagena.

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