The classic freighter Ilyushin IL-76 lands at Viracopos Airport

Photo: Lucio Daou / Via Viracopos Airport

Viracopos International Airport was visited today by a rare, rare cargo giant: the Ilyushin IL-76 squared, an aircraft that was developed back in the mid-1960s during the Soviet Union. The plane carried out an export operation of nearly one piece by six tons to Trinidad and Tobago.

The 46.59 meter long and 50.50 meter wide aircraft landed on Friday (October 30th) at 2:11 p.m. on the airport runway and was already used to receiving large aircraft from all over the world.

The freighter is operated by the Russian flag company Volga-Dnper Airlines and is scheduled to take off on Saturday (October 31) at 5 a.m. The plane came from Bridgetown (BGI), the capital of Barbados, and is flying to Port of Spain Airport, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Soviet freighter came to Brazil to look for a part to be used in operations at bases for oil production at sea.

In addition to the giant Ilyushin IL-76, Viracopos already received the Antonov 124 aircraft this year, which was long considered the largest aircraft in the world, before the Antonov 225 arrived in 2016, which also landed in Viracopos.

data sheet

Name: Ilyushin IL-76

Length 46.59 m, wingspan 50.50 m, height 14.76 m, operating cavity 89,000 kg, maximum take-off 190,000 kg, maximum landing 155,000 kg


Top speed 900 km / h, cruising speed 780 km / h, starting speed 280 km / h, landing speed 230 km / h

* Photo credits: Photo 1 (Giulia Rodrigues) and photo of the article (Lucio Daou).

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