The Civil Guard is upgrading its facilities in Algeciras to combat illegal activity in the Strait of Gibraltar-Noticias

The Civil Guard (GC) Provincial Maritime Service of Algeciras will have new facilities, including a dock, to facilitate its operations in its problematic area of ​​action: the Strait of Gibraltar.

The General Director of the Civil Guard, Mara Gmez, met with the President of the Port Authority of the Port of Algeciras, Gerardo Landaluce, to discuss the amendment of the current agreement between the Secretary of State for Security and the Port Authority so that the construction of a dock necessary for this maritime service to bring its ships to the new facility.

An area has also been relocated in the Andalusian port to accommodate the large number of boats, mainly semi-rigid or rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIB) or tires as they are popularly known, that have accumulated in connection with the operation to drug trafficking so they can be classified until the judicial authority decides what to do with them.

The Provincial Maritime Service of Algeciras is one of the most important of the Civil Guard Maritime Service (SEMAR). He has important staff and material available for the problematic areas of responsibility in the south of the province of Cdiz, including the Strait of Gibraltar, the hottest point for drug trafficking, not only in Spain but also in Europe.

In addition, its work is carried out many times with the interference of the British Royal Navy patrol boats and the boats of the Gibraltar Defense Police (GDF), which leads to several incidents due to the fact that the British consider this to be territorial waters part of Algeciras Bay, expressly excluded by the Treaty of Utrecht.

Police activity on the ground has been so great for decades that since the introduction of SEMAR in 1991 it was decided that the province of Cdiz should have two of these services, the one mentioned above in Algeciras and the Provincial Maritime Service of Cdiz located in the port of the provincial capital , where the so-called Grupo Martimo del Estrecho is also located, which operates some of the seagoing vessels of SEMAR (Julio Maz Sanz).

Photo: Image of the current area of ​​the port of Algeciras used by the SMP of the Algeciras ships. In the background you can see the pen of Gibraltar. (Photo Julio Maz)

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