The civil guard awards new electro-optical systems for the surveillance system for the integrated external surveillance system (SIVE)

Given the need to modernize the Civil Guard operated SIVE (Integrated External Surveillance System) to have twelve new state-of-the-art electro-optic sensors known as OTEOS electro-optic systems. The role of optronic sensors is crucial in monitoring and controlling the border area. The Civil Guard will replace the first 12 optronic sensors, which are obsolete after 15 years of surveillance in the face of the new challenges posed by illegal immigration, drug trafficking or other illegal activities, having selected a national solution that provides advanced optronic capabilities to the Civil Guard. System and improve the maintenance and servicing of the system throughout its life cycle.

The system chosen by the Spanish Escribano M&E is a state-of-the-art electro-optical system for advanced observation and tracking of targets, called OTEOS-S, the acronym of which is in English (Observations & Tracking Electro-Optical System). and S for SIVE from the OTEOS system family with national and international prestige and consolidation.

It is a stabilized and modular platform equipped with the latest technology available on the market for optronic sensors in the visible and infrared ranges to increase their capacity in terms of detection area (up to 20 km), the high resolution resolution for identification and the automatic pursuit of increasing goals. Escribano has proposed a solution adapted to the needs of the Civil Guard to improve the surveillance and detection missions of illegal patrol boats from the SIVE sites and improve sustainability thanks to their high reliability and easy and quick maintenance. Its modular structure makes it possible to ensure the operational availability of the system, one of the main improvement goals of the Civil Guard.

Escribano has used its OTEOS family systems during the Atalanta operation, in the maritime service and in the Civil Guard armaments service in the Spanish Navy. In 2019, the company won the tender for the purchase contract for two mobile thermal units that are integrated in 4×4 vehicles and have integrated the OTEOS system currently in operation for border surveillance in Ceuta. In 2020 it was also selected for the supply and maintenance of the driving cameras of the Pizarro vehicles of the Spanish Army.

The Spanish company’s strategy to cope with the technological evolution and the production cycle of the systems with a determined commitment to take into account the needs and challenges posed by the surveillance and control of borders by the national security forces.

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