The Chilean Navy is in the process of completing its air defense capabilities with SM-2 Block IIIA missiles

The US State Department has approved the sale of a maximum of 16 Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) Block IIIA missiles to Chile to equip the Prat and Latorre frigates recently moved to Chile by the Australian government. This was reported by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency on February 5. The systems, estimated to cost $ 85 million, will be shipped to Chile under a Foreign Military Sale (FMS) contract that includes 16 missiles, two of which have a telemetry system that can be used to launch and record various parameters of the system to evaluate his performance.

In addition, the sale of two MK 89 MOD 0 guide sections and a set of target acquisition devices MK 45 Mod 14 (TDD) or proximity lock is being considered. The approval also takes into account the provision of mid-level sustainability skills, training for staff, training equipment and spare parts.

With this approval it is possible to initiate the procedures for signing the FMS contract and to complete the sale to Chile. In this way, the formation process of both frigates could be successfully completed as they reach their most relevant operational capacity and that which warrants their takeover.

Let’s remember that the main purpose of both units is to neutralize missile and bomber planes and helicopters before they reach the starting distance of their weapons, and in this way to protect the remaining surface units and especially those that have no defense against this threat as Oil tankers or ships carrying personnel and materials, including the LSDH 91 Sargento Aldea and the AP Aquiles. (Roberto Sandoval Santana, Correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Chile)

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