The Chilean Army will step up its actions in the face of the attacks in the Macro South Zone-Noticias

Chilean President Sebastin Piera called for better coordination of the security forces to prevent and prosecute the attacks in the southern macrozone due to a series of acts of violence and attacks in the La Araucana region, particularly in the Biobo region, in the Arauco province and certain sectors of the Los Ros region.

Against this background, the Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado; Undersecretary of State Juan Francisco Galli and the Director General of Carabineros, Ricardo Yez, led a series of meetings with authorities, the police and the armed forces of the area, for example with the chief of the joint chiefs of staff, General Javier Iturriaga, in order to improve the coordination, the synergies increase, improve inter-institutional cooperation and improve intelligence, said the Foreign Minister.

According to Minister Delgado, operational improvement measures are aimed at increasing and improving synergies and changing the tone with which we are prosecuted and monitored. There are institutions that are doing very important work in this area. Both the PDI and the Carabineros managed to prevent situations that were about to happen and didn’t happen, he said.

The operational part is not the only part of the solution, there needs to be a broad agreement in which we can separate crime, drug trafficking, crime from indigenous causes and allegations, he concluded. As reported by La Tercera, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimplementing “mixed patrols” was outlined between officials from the Carabineros, the PDI and the Army to anticipate the occurrence of crimes.

For his part, General Yez also referred to the cooperation of the armed forces in the region. “We must further strengthen the professional and permanent work of both institutions and involve the armed forces with all their capabilities,” he said, warning that this cooperation should be geared towards the transfer of logistical support and with armored means, planning advice and support of the intelligence service, too with training in military techniques and tactics (Pamela Squella)

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