The Chilean army rejects the fire on the monument of General Baquedano by violent demonstrators in the streets of Santiago-Noticias

On the afternoon of last Friday, March 5th, on a new day of demonstration in Plaza Baquedano de Santiago, one of the most violent days since the protests began in this sector (October 2019), General Baquedano’s monument was arson.

The law was emphatically rejected by the Chilean army, who issued an official communiqué indicating that the Chileans had once again witnessed a despicable attack, this time arson, on the equestrian monument erected by the state and the Chilean people as a tribute to the victorious general Manuel Baquedano González for his leadership in the Pacific War.

He added: The cowards who committed this outrageous and reprehensible act for all of our compatriots are anti-Chilean because they do not know history and, in their ignorance, are unable to discover the extraordinary contribution, the general Baquedano has done along with thousands of them Chilean soldiers gave the country by integrating the vast and valuable northern areas that make us proud today and are very important to Chile.

The anti-socials, who constantly attack this figure, ignore the fact that at his feet lies the grave of a Chilean soldier, like each of us who could not be identified and who, as such, represents thousands of compatriots who died anonymously for the country and who they have never been able to return to Chile.

Finally, he pointed out that the army had repeatedly drawn attention to the need to remove and move the monument to prevent its vandalism. It is urgently needed today to undergo repairs and properly restored so that it can regain the dignity that such an important figure in national history deserves.

At the same time, the institution reaffirms its call on all sectors, regardless of their political, social or religious constitution, to unequivocally condemn these aggressions that affect the national soul, a people who do not recognize or value their history, which precisely allows a present have hardly been projected into a better future. (Pamela Squella)

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