The Chilean armed forces are integrating a secret service information center that will strengthen operational work in the southern macrozone

The Chilean government announced the creation of an intelligence center composed of police, armed forces and gendarmera in the southern macrozone – from the bio-bio regions to Los Lagos – to improve security in an area of ​​the country from serious attacks affected and claimed five victims this year.

According to La Tercera newspaper, the Ministry of Interior has ordered this measure to coordinate information and strengthen operational work in the area where, according to the portfolio headed by Minister Rodrigo Delgado, they have already been deployed A large amount of human and material resources to to oppose criminal activities while promoting the multidimensional development of its residents, problems which, moreover, cause considerable operational difficulties given the presence and constant interference of various organized criminal groups “.

This new intelligence information center between Carabineros, Investigative Police, Gendarmera and Armed Forces with operational headquarters in La Araucana will, according to reports from La Tercera, be in operation for a little over two months. In this case, each institution has two representatives from their respective secret service directorates to exchange information and make it available to those responsible for territorial prevention.

The Home Office has indicated that this “has made it possible to improve communication channels, thereby facilitating the provision of quality information to ensure the effectiveness of police operations and the correct decision-making by the authorities.” Sources consulted by La Tercera add that attacks in the area have already been disabled and information has been made available to police prevention patrols to alert them of situations that could pose a threat. However, they warned that it is not possible to talk about certain cases because the information is confidential.

The Ministry of Defense, meanwhile, warned that in the case of the Intelligence Service Act, the armed forces are providing residual information to the ANI and that there is no active participation within the area.

In return it was pointed out that any kind of participation in investigative work, which is typical for the public ministry and the criminal police of the Carabineros and the PDI, is excluded. (Pamela Squella)

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