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Admiral General Teodoro E. Lpez Caldern made his first official visit to the Canary Islands since he was appointed Chief of Defense Staff (JEMAD) of the Terrestrial Operational Command (MOT), one of the operational commandos that worked with Martimo (MOM) Air – and space travel (MOA) and the newly created cyberspace (MOC) form the permanent command structure under the operational control of the Operations Command.

The first part of Admiral General Teodoro Lpez Caldern’s April 8 visit to the Canary Islands took place at the Palace of the Captain General of the Canary Islands in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the headquarters of the Canary Islands command headquarters and where the operations center of the country is located Operational Command. Lieutenant General Carlos Palacios Zaforteza, head of the Canary Command and commander of the TÜV, was responsible for the presentation of the structure and the missions of this task force in order to then show the JEMAD the facilities of the operations center and the work taking place there.

The TUV, which integrates the Canarian Tactical Groups (units of the 16th Canary Brigade), Ceuta (units of the General Command of Ceuta) and Melilla (units of the General Command of Melilla), is the organ of the operational structure of the armed forces responsible for planning , Implementation and follow-up of the presence and monitoring operations of the designated land areas with sovereignty, responsibility and national interest, as well as the other land operations that are determined in the named areas by JEMAD.

After the unit’s book of honor was signed by JEMAD, it was brought by helicopter from the Hoya Fra barracks (Tenerife) to the El Fuerte barracks on the island of La Palma in order to know the use and the activities related to it developed at the time In the Canary Islands, units of the Grupo Tctico Canarias, which belonged to the 16th Canary Brigade, were part of the ongoing operations.

With the presentation of Grupo Tctico Canarias, which was used on this occasion in addition to La Palma on the islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, this first official visit by JEMAD to the Terrestrial Operational Command was concluded.

Permanent operations are an effective tool for keeping an eye on sovereign spaces. They enable the early detection of threats and enable an immediate and sustainable response to a potential crisis. More than 10% of the armed forces personnel are involved in continuous operations every day.

Text and photos: Army of the country.

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