The brigade? Guzmán el Bueno? X exercises in San Gregorio?

Several units of the brigade? Guzmán el Bueno? X developed the “Grupo de Alfas” exercise between October 28th and November 7th. at the San Gregorio training center in Saragossa. In particular, the X Field Artillery Group, the “Princess” Protected Infantry Battalion, participated in the exercise. I / 2 and the motorized infantry battalion I / 45.

These maneuvers are set out in the annual preparation plan for the second semester and are aimed at achieving and maintaining training at the level of the tactical subgroups at each stage of the availability plan in order to strengthen their cohesion based on preparation.

The purpose of the exercise was to increase the operational capacity of units participating in general combat operations, as well as offensive and defensive tactical military actions, to ensure the level of training. Among the activities carried out, it is worth highlighting the target practice with collective and individual weapons, the launch of the spike missile and artillery fire with the light gun howitzers.

All of the preparatory activities performed in this exercise were governed by the Health Service Employment Protocol to ensure the safety of participating staff, avoid contagion and minimize risks.

Text and photography: Army

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