The Brazilian Navy sends boats and helicopters, the army generators and the FAB a KC 390 in the energy crisis in the state of Amapa-Noticias

Three ships, an airplane and more than 40 Marines have been stationed in the north Amazonian state of Amap (home to about 900,000 people), an area that has struggled with electricity since last Tuesday after a fire that destroyed its main substation. The displaced naval and military personnel will aim to support the actions carried out in Amap to alleviate the effects of the electricity shortage that still exists in some communities.

The support ships Par and NPA Guanabara from the IV Naval District Command and the Bahia Multipurpose Dike from the Brazilian squadron will support the actions carried out in Amap, which are loaded with food and medicine.

At the same time, members of the Brazilian Army will support the transportation of fuel to the city and state hospitals of the capital and the municipality of Santana, as well as the transportation of water and food baskets according to the needs disclosed by the specialized agencies. You will support the installation of generators in laboratories and clinics for the treatment of Covid, the installation of shelter and through coordination of other needs of the Amap Civil Defense agencies.

This Saturday an Air Force KC-390 Millennium of the First Troop Transport Group (1st GTT) – Zeus Squadron – transported more than 14 tons of equipment. In Brasilia, 1,200 units of batteries were charged by the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to be used for the 2020 elections, a total of 2.68 tons. Wing 1 took off at 5:55 a.m. and landed on Wing 8 in Manaus at 9:00 a.m. when two generators were loaded with a total of 11.4 tons. The plane landed in Macap at 12:40 p.m. on Sunday.

Previously, another C-130 Hercules from the First Squadron of the First Transport Group carried 4.2 tons of electrical equipment, a tractor and trailer, and cables to aid in this operation. The Federal Government’s Crisis Office has asked the Air Force Command (COMAER) and the other commandos of the armed forces to provide the necessary support in this case. The forecast is that around 51 tons of materials and equipment will be transported. (Javier Bonilla, correspondent for the Edefa group in Brazil)

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