The Brazilian Navy presents its armored speedboat inspection boats

The 2nd Marine District Command (Com2ºDN) presented the armored fast naval inspection boats (LINB) ?? Guaiúba ?? and ?? Caraúna ?? after months of testing to the Bahian public safety and press authorities in Salvador. These are speedboats with ballistic protection and thermal cameras during patrol activities, initially and mainly on the Bahía de Todos-os-Santos and its surroundings. The difference in speed, autonomy and maneuverability of the boat can also provide a quick and quick response to assist state security forces, take joint action to control inland waters and fight cross-border and environmental crimes.

The aforementioned sea area (and some similar ones) has specific features, characterized by shallow water, the presence of deep sea beds and mainly rocks. These situations pose a risk and require boats with a reinforced hull, shallow draft and superior impact resistance. The LINB is a type of high-performance armored tactical vehicle that is successfully used in various military operations around the world to showcase tactical mobility and fire support in coastal and coastal environments.

It is made of high molecular material and has unique properties such as flame retardancy, large reserve of buoyancy (due to its lower density hull than water) and high shock absorption capacity, which distinguishes it from projects made of fiberglass and aluminum. The boat also has a police siren, navigation lights and flashing signals and can be equipped with machine guns. In addition, it has a digital radar with a range compatible with the operating range, sensors and a thermal imaging camera that enables operation at night.

The LINB’s armor system – resistant to rifle shots up to 7.62 mm – integrates its original design and is not a mere adaptation. (Javier Bonilla)

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