The Brazilian Navy is retrieving an A-4 / AF-1 that crashed in 2016 when it crashed into another

The Air Naval Maintenance Group (GAerNavMan) has completed the commissioning of the embarked attack aircraft AF-1B, N-1001 of the 1st squadron of interceptors and attack aircraft after 1,711 days on the ground. The last take-off was on July 26, 2016, and when he was flying at low altitude simulating an attack on a ship, he suffered an accident. At that time, aircraft N-1001 and N-1011 collided, causing not only significant structural damage and the total loss of one of the aircraft, but also the irreparable loss of Lieutenant Commander Igor, known as Falco 60, aboard aircraft N-1011.

With the support of Air Force Command and Embraer, who modernized the model years ago, the GAerNavMan was able to restore the aircraft, provide engineering services and carry out structural analyzes by signing a repair contract after an accident. Running SDLM; Tail cone repair; and structural repair and upgraded systems. In addition, with the support of the FAB Aeronautical Material Park (PAMA-SP), the repairs carried out were checked through non-destructive tests, X-ray inspection and corrosion treatment in the interior of the wing and affected areas. carried out.

The flight, which took place on April 1, 2021, put the aircraft 1001 back into service. There are currently six aircraft in flight order. The possibility of recovering two more aircraft that have suffered incidents or accidents in recent years is currently being investigated. Years. (Javier Bonilla)

Photo: Brazilian Navy attack aircraft AF-1B, N-1001.

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