The Brazilian Minister of Economic Affairs is considering the purchase of two Airbus A330s for the Brazilian Air Force-Noticias

The Brazilian Ministry of Economic Affairs has refused funds to purchase two Airbus A330s that President Jair Bolsonaro recently announced that they would purchase and that would target the Air Force (FAB). The intent was to spend just over $ 90 million on the operation, resulting from fines imposed on those prosecuted for corruption in the Lava a Jato case. The reason for the rejection would be the high operating costs of the A330 for the current budget of the Brazilian Air Force, although the funds to purchase the aircraft would come from funds repatriated due to corruption diversions.

Despite the use of the KC-390 and C-130 for logistical support during the pandemic, the arrival of two A330s will significantly increase the capacity of the FAB. The armed forces are currently using their special transport fleet and their multi-mission aircraft to transport deliveries to seriously ill patients in addition to routine missions.

The Ministry of Economy, headed by Paulo Guedes, has denied the request for additional credit as it does not comply with the Constitutional Regulations on Urgency, Unpredictability and Relevance to dictate the interim measure that will free up extraordinary resources () The Occurrence new logistical breakdowns in the health system in regions and cities with difficult access by land is presented as possible, albeit of unpredictable proportions, and requires immediate responses from the Brazilian state. In addition, there is no way to project or predict the evolution of the number of cases and difficulties that will arise in the near future due to the third and fourth waves of the pandemic infection, as well as the reinfection of Brazilians due to the spread of variants of the coronavirus . Therefore, this whole scenario requires effective and urgent action by the state – expresses the technical note from the Ministry of Economy (Javier Bonilla)

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