The Brazilian factory des Gripen supplies the first aerodynamic brakes of the NG series-Noticias

The production of these pairs of aero brakes was developed in October 2020 from the union of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber parts. A total of 72 units are produced, 36 of which are used in the Gripen batch. E / F acquired by the Brazilian Air Force.

It is no coincidence that the first two work packages were the aerodynamic brakes and tail cone, which shipped in December 2020, as these are less complex parts than the next packages Saab will produce in Brazil, which can consolidate the production process one whole.

Consolidating the process at the beginning saves us time when implementing the production of the other work packages, such as B. the front and rear fuselage as well as the box insert and the wing, since we have already implemented the process in less complex processes, explained Ola Rosn. Factory manager.

Gripen’s only aerospace factory outside of Sweden has been closely monitoring Saab’s entire process in Linkping to help professionals in Brazil. At the same time, the risk analysis carried out by Brazilian engineers contributes to improvements and new ways of working not only in the Brazilian factory, but also in the Swedish unit. (Javier Bonilla)

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