The Brazilian Army will receive ten new armored vehicles that have been purchased by the US authorities

The 15 self-propelled field artillery group (15 GAC AP, Lapa, Paran) officially presented ten new vehicles on April 19, Brazilian Army Day: eight self-propelled obs armored M109 A5 armored vehicles (VBC OAP) and two remaining vehicles. M992s that were acquired from the United States, matched, and prepared for delivery by the 5th Military Region’s Regional Maintenance Park.

As part of the Campaign Artillery System (SAC) project, the A5 version was acquired due to the larger number of calibers and the most heavily reinforced barrel locking system, which enables an increase in the range and the use of special ammunition, for example the M982 -Excalibur (artillery Grenade controlled by a high-precision GPS system), increasing the deterrence, operability and firepower of the 5th Army Division’s Artillery Division. (Javier Bonilla)

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