The Brazilian army and police destroy 41 secret ports and loot hundreds of tons of drugs on the triple border with Argentina and Paraguay-Noticias

In the past three years, thanks to joint inter-agency and inter-force action, more drugs have been confiscated across Brazilian borders than in the past three decades. From February 15 to March 5, soldiers from the 15 Compaa de Infantera Motorizada (15 Cia Inf Mtz), Sentinela da Fronteira, the Federal Police and the Border Police Battalion (BPFRON) supported the Paran Military Police during Operation Importunos 2 in the strip near the border to Paraguay. During this time, 41 secret ports between the cities of Lindeiros de Guara and Santa Helena, used by organized crime as transit points for drugs, weapons, ammunition and various illegal products, were destroyed.

At the same time, 1,400 kilos of marijuana, plants, cocoons and weapons were used during the so-called Horus Operation, in which the police and environmental forces of Paran and Mato Grosso do Sul, the Federal Police and the National Force were combined with the army. in addition to small amounts of other drugs such as cocaine base paste, cocaine, hashish, etc., and even alcohol and smuggled cigarettes in large amounts during various interventions.

This is generally the area of ​​influence of the triple border between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina near the Iguaz Falls and their neighboring cities about 90 km away. (Javier Bonilla)

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