The Brazilian Air Force takes part in combat training with a lot of action

Photos: 3rd / 8th GAV

With the aim of making the three armed forces interoperable, the Ministry of Defense sponsored Operation Poseidon from October 5-9. The Brazilian Air Force (FAB), the Brazilian Navy (MB) and the Brazilian Army (EB) took part in joint infiltration training with special units. The training aimed at the use of single forces helicopters on ships of the Brazilian Navy and at the support of special operations.

The training, based on the training of pilots and crew members of the FAB, was carried out on the multipurpose helicopter carrier (PHM) – Atlântico, a naval ship that is considered the largest warship in Latin America. For the action, the ship was anchored on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

During the week of training, the FAB deployed the Caracal H-36 helicopter and exchanged tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) related to air infiltration and withdrawal of special forces. The procedures used can be used in cases of aero-medical evacuation, evacuation of non-combatants or humanitarian operations.

Photos: 3rd / 8th GAV

One of the participants was Lieutenant Aviator Vitor Gaia Cardoso of the Puma Squadron (3rd / 8th GAV). “We carried out infiltration and exfiltration training for troops of the special operations groups of the Brazilian Army, the Navy and the Air Force from the ship. The techniques of assault landing, fast rope, side shot, and advancing into enemy terrain were used. We also used resources like night vision goggles so that we can operate on the ground even after sunset, ”he explained.

The commander of the Puma squadron, Lieutenant Colonel Aviator Ivaldeci Hipólito de Medeiros Neto, stressed the importance of qualification. “It took three weeks of class, training and a lot of learning. The crews had the opportunity to operate on board the PHM Atlântico and learn a little more about the interoperability of the armed forces. Now they will use the knowledge they have acquired to improve the teaching of our aviation. We hope that from now on there will be more operations like this and that we can train more and more crew members, ”he said.

Air Force Agency information from Lieutenant Cristiane.

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