The Brazilian Air Force is looking for a different formula to acquire the Airbus A330 after the Ministry of Commerce declined

Although the Department of Commerce declined its original request for $ 92 million to buy two Airbus A330s, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) remains committed to acquiring the aircraft. Since the first attempt at an extraordinary loan was unsuccessful because, according to Economas Portfolio, it did not meet the urgency, unpredictability and relevance rules set out in the constitution, the strategy is now to include the resources in the annual budget law 2021. which is currently pending in Congress.

It is expected that the above funds will be available before the end of April for the tender notice to be published. The idea is to purchase two aircraft of this model, take advantage of the low prices of these platforms currently on the market, and then convert them into MRTT tankers.

The FAB was trying at the time to meet its strategic transportation needs through the CX-2 project and, as an interim measure, leased a Boeing 767 for more than two years. The attempted acquisition of the large freighters aims to complement the fleet of KC-390 and C-130 transport aircraft in operation and to strengthen their intercontinental capabilities. (Javier Bonilla)

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