The Brazilian Air Force ended the Nuncio exercise in Campo Grande

Under the coordination of the Preparatory Command (COMPREP) by the Aeroterrestre Salvage Squadron (EAS), the joint NUNTIUS exercise ended on Friday (16). The training, which began on September 21, took place in the 5th wing in Campo Grande (MS) and aimed at the interoperability of the three armed forces. The Brazilian Navy (MB), Brazilian Army (EB), and Brazilian Air Force (FAB) participated in the operational training of military personnel aimed at serving in approximate air support missions with the formation of new Advanced Air Guides.

The training was carried out with the A-29 Super Tucano fighter aircraft of the third squadron of the third aviation group (3rd / 3rd GAV) – arrow squadron; A-4 Skyhawk from VF-1 Squadron (MB); and H-60L Blackhawk of the 2nd Squadron of the 10th Aviation Group (2nd / 10th GAV) – Pelican Squadron.

About 160 military personnel participated in the exercise. The course participants were given instructions on the sequence of the extended air flow, the operational modalities, laser emission, air forces and the final inspection of attacks on targets.

They have successfully completed the course and have 11 military graduates, four from FAB, four from EB and three from MB. Certificates of appreciation were also given to outside instructors during the ceremony.

FAB Sergeant William Silva do Nascimento first emphasized the importance of the exercise in the course: “The qualification as an Advanced Air Guide is important for operational progress, as it increases the ability to act on site in the face of the use of attacks coordinated between the antenna Advanced Aerial Guidance and the antenna medium used. In addition, it enabled exchanges between the armed forces, which meant sharing lessons, aggregating and leveling the knowledge applied by the other organizations, ”he said.

Brazilian Air Force Information – Wing 5 from Cap Gil and Sgt Juliana.

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