The Brazilian Air Force acquires Thales-Omnisys radars

Thales’ Brazilian subsidiary, Omnisys, signed a contract with the Commission, together with the construction company Clemar Engenharia, for the implementation of the airspace control system (CISCEA) for the supply of secondary surveillance radar devices to optimize the control of the airspace in Petrolina (Pernambuco) and Bom Jesus da Lapa (Bahia).

Made in Brazil at the Omnisys factory in So Bernardo do Campo. The RSM970S radars are supported and certified on-site by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense for strategic defense products. The contract also includes a two-year guarantee, the supply of spare parts and maintenance work. After the warranty period has expired, the radars will also be supported by Omnisys through an existing contract for maintenance of the installed base, which is concluded with the Brazilian Air Force.

With more than 200 units in 53 countries and 68 units in Brazil only, the RSM 970S secondary radar uses innovative and state-of-the-art technologies that ensure full integration and availability of monitoring and communication data as well as high reliability. Compliance with the recommendations and standards of international air traffic control. Omnisys is a global manufacturer of radar devices from the Thales Group, whose production is not only geared towards Brazil, but also exports to Latin America, Asia and Europe.

The Brazilian Air Force inaugurated the first of four stations with primary and secondary surveillance radar from Omnisys in August 2020 to combat illegal air cargo traffic on the borders with Bolivia and Paraguay in the Corumb region (Mato Grosso do Sul). Clemar is a civil engineering company that was certified by Thales as Key Industrial Partner (KIP) and partner of Omnisys in this project and is responsible for providing the civil infrastructure for the installation of the radar devices. Omnisys and Clemar have a longstanding successful partnership and have worked together to implement various radar sites in Brazil.

“The national production is logistically and economically efficient and ensures a high availability of equipment for the employability in the Brazilian airspace control system (SISCEAB)”, said Air Brigadier Srgio Rodrigues Pereira Bastos Junior, President of CISCEA, about this contract. (Javier Bonilla)

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