The Bolivian Ministry of Defense reports data from the war on smuggling. The Ministry of Defense of Bolivia reports data from the war on smuggling.

Lic.Marcela V. Carol, March 14, 2021

According to the report by the Vice Ministry to Combat Smuggling, between January 1 and February 26 of the government of 2021, 132 vehicles were seized by the national government at the borders with Chile and Peru, 16 of which were burned. In addition, 1,060 anti-smuggling tactical operations were carried out, mobilizing large numbers of troops.

Regarding the seizure of items on the borders with Peru and Chile, the Vice Ministry reported the seizure of goods from the Desaguadero to the tripartite point with Chile of 38 vehicles with goods, weighing more than 23 tons without food, registered with the authorization of the National Agricultural Health and Food Safety Service (Senasag) that poses a public health hazard.

It has also been reported that between the dates above, nine facilities were damaged and / or destroyed by smugglers and there were four clashes with groups committed to the crime, with four soldiers seriously injured.

Anti-smuggling patrol activities

The patrol carried out by the CEO of the Operational Strategic Command, CEO, on the borders with Peru and Chile was crucial as the control and seizure of vehicles, goods and food was mainly carried out to prevent this illegal activity from affecting the Bolivian economy and the Economy harms national production, in addition to a sanitary hazard, as we have mentioned.

The objects and contraband goods seized as vehicles from Chile are delivered to the national customs of Bolivia, usually to its regional office in Oruro, as in this case the capacity and the respective assessment are carried out to determine whether vehicles are traded in the EU as in most cases, it is the product of illegal activity.

The Vice Ministry for Combating Smuggling has so far initiated proceedings before the public ministry against people who are involved in the smuggling of vehicles and goods. These judicial proceedings are usually intended for violent attacks on patrol officers during control operations, during which smugglers also use firearms.

There are also summary proceedings against the military who somehow support the illegal contraband to make it clear that the national government will not allow corrupt troops to threaten the country’s economy and security.

Operational strategic command and joint task force

In the front military posts, the most important thing is border control and the destruction of illegal roads. In the border security zone, operations are mobile with immediate response patrols.

On April 25, 2018, President Evo Morales promulgated Law N 1053 to Strengthen the Fight Against Smuggling and, through Supreme Decree N 3540, created the Vice Ministry for Combating Smuggling, which became responsible for combating crime.
(License Marcela V. Carol)

Photo by the Bolivian Ministry of Defense.

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