The Bolivian armed forces have mobilized to ensure the security of the electoral process

Lic.Marcela V. Carol, March 8, 2021

The Bolivian Defense Portfolio Minister Edmundo Novillo Aguilar reported that the military institutions mobilized a total of 15,933 military personnel to protect security in the electoral process of the subnational elections held across the country on March 7th.

The agency stated that in accordance with an inter-agency agreement between the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), the Department of Defense and the Armed Forces, defense was made available to the military personnel of the Election Authority of the Three Armed Forces to conduct security and custody operations to secure election material in the security of the election material Electoral districts and in the distribution of the material pending the conclusion of the local and gubernatorial elections throughout the national territory, thereby ensuring the normal development of the electoral process.

Likewise, the Defense Minister stated: The armed forces had all the manpower required to hold election material, especially in rural areas, sectors that are very remote in our country, so that this material arrives with reasonable security. is carried over from the educational unit’s election point to the electoral body. It is a work in support of the electoral process, so the military unit mobilized all of the personnel that the Supreme Electoral Court needed, depending on the number of tables, numbers, and personnel to transport this material.

With this in mind, the Defense Minister assured that the assistance to the members of the armed forces was provided to the extent required by the electoral body to protect the safety of the material and personnel who worked before, during and after the working day until the electoral material was sent to the electoral courts the department returns.

According to the armed forces, a total of 15,933 members of the army, the air force and the Bolivian navy were mobilized throughout the country during the election process, of which 3,639 in the La Paz department, 1,201 in Oruro, 865 in Potos, 795 in Pando, 1,957 in Beni, 3,460 in Santa Cruz, 2,067 in Cochabamba, 635 in Chuquisaca and 1,314 in Tarija. (License Marcela V. Carol)

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