The Boeing 737-700 for the Air Force arrives in Argentina. Rossi is aiming for a 10-year term to modernize the armed forces

The I Air Brigade in El Palomar hosted the reception ceremony for the new Boeing 737 “Malvinas Islands” aircraft, which Argentina had acquired to expand the operational capabilities of the Argentine Air Force (FAA) in personnel and cargo transfers and humanitarian aid in catastrophic and pandemic situations.

• May 2006 was the last time the Air Force flew a Boeing aircraft. It took 15 years to restore capacity, restore a weapons system, and improve the day-to-day work of the Argentine Air Force so that their men and women could pilot an aircraft with these characteristics, ”said Defense Minister of Argentina Agustín Rossi after serving at Aerolineas Argentinas thanked again for the valuable support, affection and dedication of its employees. with the training of the FAA pilots by providing the simulators of the Boeing 737.

After witnessing the flight of the new Boeing 737-700, which was accompanied by two IA-63 Pampa aircraft, the Minister said: ?? Our Air Force transport pilots handled the Hercules, the Fokkers, but the aircraft with the longest tradition in aviation wasn’t within their capabilities? Rossi recalled that the owner of the gun, Brigadier Major Xavier Isaac, told him at the beginning of the administration: ?? This dream, the idea of ​​this incorporation, the project it had and the impact it had on the entire Air Force, but specifically on the armed forces as a whole?

Likewise, the Defense Minister stated: “From the first moment I accepted as Defense Minister, I did not overlook the existing need to re-equip the Argentine armed forces and stated:” We did not have a transport aircraft of much autonomy, of great size. We didn’t have a transport aircraft that might have meant a lot to us in the first phase of the pandemic. For example, it would have helped us with the task that Aerolínea Argentinas had to do with the repatriation of Argentines stranded abroad (??). We have initiated a process to retool the armed forces that we will certainly not be able to resolve in the years to come. I believe the minimum horizon to think about will be about 10 years before the FONDEF (National Defense Fund) is applied to reach another army, with a level of equipment that suits our country’s needs ,? said the owner of the portfolio.

The name of the new Boeing T-99 aircraft “Falkland Islands”, which is integrated as strategic aviation, could not be more appropriate – the official said – given that 40 years of landing will take place in the Falkland Islands of the transitory occupation of this area by Argentina in the next year ? said about the aircraft that will be able to conduct operational exercises in the country, the transfer of foundations of armed forces personnel to peacekeeping missions and the objectives of the airlines of the state (LADE).

It is a joyful day. Ideas and dreams don’t always come true when you’re in management. Today we see how it crystallizes out in this very important event for the Air Force and for all Argentines. And for the armed forces in general, this concrete fact should be understood as a symbol that the next few years should be marked by the conversion of the armed forces, ”concluded the Defense Minister.

This strategic air transport system for national defense has a capacity of approximately 140 seats per flight and is equipped for the following tasks: freight transport (air supply); sanitary evacuation and medical delivery of patients on request; humanitarian aid and assistance in the event of natural disasters inside and outside the country; and logistical support in the event of a Covid 19 emergency.

The crew, consisting of 14 Air Force personnel (three of whom are women), received training at the Pilot Training and Education Center of the Argentine Republic (CEFEPRA) at Ezeiza International Airport.

At the beginning of the ceremony the ?? Falkland Islands conducted an air passage escorted by two IA-63 Pampa III aircraft.

The ministry’s head of cabinet, Ana Clara Alberdi, attended the event. the Secretaries for Strategy and Military, Sergio Rossi, and for International Defense, Francisco Cafiero; the Under-Secretary of State for Administrative Coordination, Leonardo Garay; and Undersecretary of State for the Operational Planning and Defense Logistics Service, Lucía Kersul; together with the Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, including Major General Juan Martín Paleo. (Luis Piñeiro)

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