The battle of El Callao

Isabel II’s Spanish Armada was truly the crown of an eminent empire. Few times its seafarers and the oceanic dominance are mentioned, which led it to place itself far above other countries that could only be silent or jealous of their ports.

This book gathers in detail and precisely the Pacific campaign that both sister nations faced due to errors and misunderstandings. He highlighted the humanity and restraint of Spanish seafarers, who were not observed in any war. No one will overlook the fact that many of our streets in a Spanish city remember these gestures of heroism with names like Callao, Abtao, Mndez Nez and many others. D. Benito Prez Galds remembered it in one of his national episodes: The Numancia Around the World Tour, as the feat was crowned with the first round around the world of an armored ship with this frigate Numancia, a fact that was considered impossible at the time . Nor does he overlook the poet Bcquer in his chronicles of the Universal Museum: Four years in a row on the warpath.


Title: The Battle of El Callao. The incredible story of the rebirth of the Spanish Navy

Editor: Sekoitia

Author: Agustn Rodrguez Gonzlez

Number of pages: 336

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