The Aviation Global Group loses the contract to deliver a Boeing 737-400 to the Peruvian Air Force-Noticias

The Peruvian Armed Forces Purchasing Agency (ACFFAA) did what we expected and issued a resolution withdrawing the award to Aviation Global Group Inc. (USA) for the $ 10.4 million delivery. a Boeing 737-400 for the Peruvian Air Force. The decision confirms the information we published on on November 30th.

According to Main Resolution No. 114-2020, which we were able to review on November 9th after approval and approval to sign each contract, the Peruvian Air Force learned through open source information that the aircraft on offer had one on October 6th Accident suffered. In response to a request for information, Global Aviation Group Inc. informed the Air Force that the Boeing 737-400 aircraft with the serial number 26526 had not suffered any accidents and that the event mentioned in its letters corresponds to an incident that the aforementioned aircraft on October 6, 2020 during of the towing process was carried out by a company hired to provide on-site services, causing a blow to the right side.

For the Air Force, however, the blow was within the definition of an accident, as a report, after analyzing the information received and various images, found that the ship had suffered structural damage. Faced with such a scenario, the ACFFAA received, through the Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (DGAC), a report from the Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority of the Civil Aviation Technical Council of Costa Rica, in which the Boeing 737-400 aircraft with the registration HK- 5228, S / N 26526 had suffered a surface accident that occurred on October 6, 2020 at the time of the push-pull and ignition of the engines (push-pull). back) and that in the course of the maneuver the safety bolts of the bar (locking pin) were broken, resulting in a loss of control of the trailer with the plane overtaking the trailer on the right, pulling and pulling, resulting in a sharp turn that leads to causes it to hit the lower right part of the fuselage – behind the cargo door – and damage the aircraft structure.

The information collected enabled the ACFFAA to determine that Aviation Global Group Inc. provided inaccurate information on October 21 at the time of submitting its technical and commercial offer that did not correspond to reality, as stated in Appendix N 12: Affidavit of the Report of Accidents stated that the aircraft they were selling had not been involved in any accidents, so, according to a report by the Office of Legal Counsel, Chief Resolution No. 114-2020 was issued and the award was canceled. and the contract committee must act – in accordance with applicable regulations – to annul the process and convene it again within the legal deadlines. In addition, the ACFFAA provides for Aviation Global Group Inc. to apply Guideline No. 003: Procedures for Monitoring Suppliers in the Foreign Market, which provides for severe penalties for suppliers who have violated the contractual processes in the foreign market. (Alejo Marchessini, correspondent for the Edefa group in Lima)

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