The Australian government is reviewing the purchase of attack class submarines from France

Several Australian media assure that Prime Minister Scott Morrison has mandated the Australian Ministry of Defense to look for long alternatives to order a dozen conventional attack class submarines from the French company Naval Group, which was formalized in early 2019 after long negotiations.

With this in mind, Independet Australian sharply criticized the Australian liberal politician, stating: “The government wasted billions of dollars on an agreement to buy 12 new submarines that have virtually no chance of being met.” In addition, it announced in its digital edition of March 1 that the head of the naval group, Pierre Eric Pommellet, met with federal ministers in Australia that day in order to save the treaty.

In Australia, it has long been speculated that the government is moving away from Naval Group, its partner in the future submarine program, due to an initial price premium of 1.25 billion euros in program costs. The press also insists that the delays resulting from the program would add hundreds of millions more penalty costs, which would be another major issue for the deal, which was officially agreed in February 2019.

The Australian Ministry of Defense (equivalent to a ministry) designed a very demanding set of operational requirements for the 12 future submarines, taking into account factors such as range and endurance. After choosing the option offered by the Naval Group, a total of A $ 70 billion was invested to equip itself with the class of attack for which the Department of Defense had to reorganize its investment program. Delaying other projects to raise funds for the submarines.

Political analysts in Australia, a country where defense programs are of great public interest, believe it would not be logical for the Department of Defense to recommend any action now other than continuing to work with the Navy Group, as doing so would create a major discrediting the current one liberal government led by the aforementioned Scott Morrison. They also emphasize that there is no one who immediately excels in a Plan B. Every submarine in development involves technological risks and long delivery times, and the French have a five-year head start. If the government and defense reduced their capacity aspirations, solutions could potentially be found that may provide options for the Blekinge class. from the Swedish company Saab Kockums. (Julio Maíz Sanz).

Photo: Digital image of the future submarine of the class ?? Attack ??. (Photo by the Australian Department of Defense).

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