The auction of military aircraft of the Mexican government fails at

The auction of aircraft, most of which belong to the presidential fleet of the defunct General Staff of the President (EMP) and are assigned to the Special Air Transport Unit of the High Command (UETAAM) of the Mexican Air Force (FAM) and with which the government of President Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador had projected causing at least $ 521 million in outages.

Instead of reaching that amount, he only managed to raise $ 89 million through the sale of four Sper Puma helicopters and a Boeing 737-322 aircraft that were part of the fleet of 19 aircraft auctioned by the government of Lpez Obrador (74 , 6 million euros). The four Super Puma sold were acquired by Canadian businessman Dean Porter, owner of a company specializing in fire fighting and air cargo transportation.

The Special Air Transport Unit of the High Command operated at Mexico City International Airport (AICM). The base was decommissioned and became FAM’s military air base number 19 (BAM-19).

The auction was organized by the Institute to Give Back to the Stolen People (INDEP), a recently created entity that had instructions to achieve the sale of 19 aircraft:

4 Agusta Westland AW109SP helicopters

4 Eurocopter France helicopters

3 Eurocopter Ecureuil AS 355 N helicopters.

2 aerospatial helicopters

2 Boeing Company / 757-225 and 737-322 aircraft

2 Lear Jet 31-A aircraft

2 twin-engine airplanes.

INDEP stated that the following devices were definitively sold:

Lot 9, consisting of a Superpuma helicopter, AS-332L1, series 2363, manufactured in 1993, was sold for 19,782,790 pesos.

Lot 10, consisting of a Superpuma AS-332L1 helicopter, series 2195, manufactured in 1987, was purchased for 15,243,260 pesos.

Lot 11, consisting of a Superpuma helicopter model AS-332L, series 2084, built in 1983, was sold for 4,539,530.00 pesos.

Lot 14, consisting of an AS-332L1 helicopter, serial number 2346, manufactured in 1991, sells for 17,131,550 pesos.

Lot 16, consisting of an aircraft B 737-322, series 24361, built in 1989, was purchased for 33,200,000 pesos.

The auction took place in a sealed envelope in the facilities of BAM-19. 17 offers were received, in which Dean Porter was the winner and the four Sper Puma won. The Canadian owns the company Coldstream Helicopters.

The entire batch of 19 aircraft consisted of equipment from various institutions: the Presidency of the Republic, five from the Air Force, two from the Secretary of the Navy, two from the National Water Commission, and three from the Secretary for Civil Security (SSPC). (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

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