The Association of Officers General and Admirals of Peru rejects the exhibitionist action and institutional damage caused by law enforcement news

The Association of Officers General and Admirals of Peru (ADOGEN), through Communiqué No. 06-2021, decided on the case of General Astudillo Salcedo and expressed its most vigorous protest against the abuse of the public ministry, in the exercise of its ministry, before public opinion and the government authorities Function, accompanied by interventions in the investigated by the press, a fact that occurs for the second time this year

The document signed by the President of the Board of Directors of ADOGEN, Lieutenant General FAP (r) Wilson Urteaga Cabrera, shows on February 23 last year, as part of an investigation in the preliminary investigation phase, in which the General is immersed, the department of Cesar Astudillo Salcedo, the oldest general of the Armed Forces and current head of the joint command, the Provincial Prosecutor specializing in corruption crimes committed by officials from South Lima, with staff from DIVIAC (Political Police established in the previous government), regardless of the deal, although the person against whom he is determined to be a divisional general of the army in a situation of activity, who holds the highest military position, has suffered an act of protagonism and unacceptable exhibitionism, which was again accompanied by a team of cameramen and press

The statement, which went almost unnoticed in the local press, adds that the generals involved in this investigation, like any other citizen, are constitutionally responsible for the presumption of innocence until the facts have been proven and are in the preliminary stages. All are only investigated so that in carrying out their work in the presence of the press the prosecutor has made an obvious excess which has an impact on its image, personal and professional standing, as well as institutional standing, which for obvious reasons of protection is very important important is .

Worse, in the absence of a solid condemnation of the commission of a crime, a fact must obviously be ascertained which leads to the conclusion that it is impossible to rule out that this intervention with an advertisement and is harmful, since it has occurred on previous occasions The presentation could have a political background that would be very unfortunate due to the effects of not only personal but also institutional nature that this staging entails. All this prompts us to repeat the request to the Public Ministry, which, in compliance with the legal obligations imposed on it, will take into account the damage unnecessarily caused by inconvenient and disproportionate advertising in situations such as the one described above.

For his part, the head of the joint command of the Peruvian Armed Forces, General of the Army, Cesar Astudillo Salcedo, denied the allegation, circulated in a television report, that he had ordered a follow-up to Prosecutor Hugo Minaya, who was investigating him. for alleged acts of corruption in the theft and sale of fuel assigned to the Peruvian army. I have not ordered an operation to obtain information, let alone observe, monitor and monitor the prosecutor or his brother. In my role as Head of Joint Command, I cannot carry out these types of actions because I do not have the capacity, resources, logistics or legal basis to carry them out. He added that I did not discard one of the documents uncovered, which would contain information about a group of people with alleged links to terrorism-related organizations, Astudillo Salcedo said in a statement made on his personal behalf.

Astudillo Salcedo also stated that in connection with the complaint of concealment and embezzlement in military facilities when he held the position of Army Commander-General between December 2017 and October 2018, he reiterated his refusal to participate in an illegal act. While I was on duty, I also ordered measures to prevent this type of crime. In the specific case, which occurred in April 2018, we ordered investigative measures to be taken and given the police the opportunity to conduct the interventions. Therefore, I reaffirm my willingness to facilitate and cooperate with any type of investigation that may be necessary to clarify these facts.

Photo: Army General Cesar Astudillo Salcedo.

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