The ASCOD, candidate for equipping the Slovak Army, demonstrates its mobility, protection and lethality skills

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) was invited last week by the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic to take part in a series of week-long demonstrations that unveiled ASCOD. The delegation led by the Defense Minister was able to verify the high performance in terms of mobility, protection, lethality and capacity. The delegation could see how the ASCOD platform is ready to adapt to different scenarios and changing operational requirements in the military field.

With its modular structure and open system architecture, the ASCOD is available in several functions, including a light tank (light tank or LT) or a medium battle tank (MMBT) equipped with cannons up to 120 mm. Four nations, Spain, Austria, the United Kingdom and most recently the Philippines have selected ASCOD.

As recently reported by the Slovak Ministry of Defense, the tests took place in the facilities of the Military Technical and Test Institute in Zhorie. Present were Defense Minister Jaroslav Naď, State Secretary Marian Majer, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic. Daniel Zmeko and the National Armaments Director of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, Jozef Zekucia. The aim of the Ministry of Defense is to select, on the basis of market research, for the purchase of infantry combat vehicles the most efficient and economical solution that meets the current requirements of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic. The Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic has initiated proceedings related to the purchase of new armored combat vehicles to replace BVP-1, BVP-2 and BVP M, in which the national defense industry is expected to participate.

The aim of the presentation was to present the technical properties, functional parameters and practical demonstrations when driving and shooting in the area of ​​an ASCOD combat vehicle. The demonstration also included interviews with representatives from General Dynamics European Land Systems about the opportunities to involve national defense companies in the production and subsequent delivery of a new type of tracked armored vehicle for the needs of the United States Armed Forces. Slovak Republic. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The ASCOD was presented and equipped with the UT30Mk2 tower from Elbit Systems (Slovak Ministry of Defense).

The ASCOD and infantry unit that participated in the tests. The launchers of the Iron Fist System (GDLES) are located in the rear of the tower.

The tank opened fire with the 30mm Mk44 cannon. (Slovak Ministry of Defense

The GDLES delegation in Slovakia (GDELS)

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